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Accident happened again

  • Author:Rita
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  • Release Date:2019-04-03
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According to the shipping information report, just after the beginning of 2019, the seaborne accident happened one after another! Please be sure to buy insurance when you take the goods! "I don't think that there are two incidents of shipping accidents recently. I solemnly remind the vast number of cargo owners to travel with their peers. Don't be lucky. Be sure to buy insurance when you take the goods! buy insurance! buy insurance!

According to reports, on the morning of January 8, the "AULAC FORTUNE" tanker exploded and caught fire in the sea near Lamma Island, Hong Kong. It was reported that at 11:30, at least one crew member was killed, three were missing and 22 were rescued.

Accident happened again

According to Hong Kong's "East Net" news, on January 8 this morning, a Vietnamese-registered cargo ship carrying chemicals and oil caught fire on the sea off the south of Lamma Island. The cabin was full of black smoke and was heard. The sound of the explosion, the hull has been significantly tilted. The crew called for help, and the Marine Police and the firefighters rushed to the scene to rescue 22 crew members. One person was confirmed dead and the crew was missing. It is reported that during the fire, many crew members jumped into the sea to escape. The fire alarm was upgraded to Level 2 at 46 points and upgraded to Level 3 at 1:33 pm.

According to Mr. Wu, the ship he worked on drove through the scene and suddenly heard the big bang. He found that the tanker was on fire and smoked. At the moment of the explosion, parts of the hull were bombarded in the air and then fell into the sea.

It is understood that the relevant cargo ships carry chemicals and oil. On January 7, they were parked at the dangerous goods berth south of Lamma Island. The cause of the fire was temporarily unknown. At 18:00 on the 8th, the round was still parked at the dangerous cargo anchorage south of Lamma Island.

According to Hong Kong media, according to the Marine Department, only one vessel in Hong Kong is registered in Vietnam. The intermediary is Hong Kong General Testing and Certification Co., Ltd. According to the information, the vessel departed from Dongguan to Hong Kong and was 144 meters long and 22.6 meters wide. It was built in 2010 and has a total tonnage of over 17,000 tons.

According to foreign media reports, on the 7th local time, the "Volga-Balt 214" bulk carrier flying the Panamanian flag sank in the Black Sea of ​​Turkey. This accident has caused six crew members to die.

Accident happened again

The Turkish Coast Guard received a distress alert at 8:10 Moscow time on January 7. The cargo ship VOLGO-BALT 214 reportedly sank in the Black Sea about 80 nautical miles from Samsun, Turkey.

The Turkish Marine Police received the ship’s distress alert signal and sent a search and rescue force. A total of 1 fixed-wing aircraft, 4 helicopters and several boats participated in the rescue. Kaimak said that seven crew members were rescued after the shipwreck.

The Samsun provincial authorities previously said that there were 13 crew members on the cargo ship, including 9 Ukrainians, 2 Azerbaijanis, and 2 Russians. However, the Russian Embassy in Turkey stated that there were no Russian citizens on the cargo ship that was involved. Ukrainian diplomats in Ankara said that there were 11 Ukrainian crew members on the cargo ship.

It is not clear why the cargo ship sank. But Ukrainian diplomats said the cargo ship sank due to weather.