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Accident, a large container ship of Hamburg South America seized 27 kilograms of drugs and caused se

  • Author:Jim
  • Source:Search network
  • Release Date:2018-12-27
  According to the search network, a container ship “San Clemente” with a capacity of 9034 TEU from Hamburg South America discovered about 25 kg of cocaine when it was inspected at the port of Callao, Peru.
  According to the Peruvian Navy’s notice, the inspection was carried out on December 15 and the ship was still parked at DP World Callao Pier. The authorities confiscated the contraband and found it in a black bag containing dozens of parcels wrapped in black foil.

    The Peruvian Navy added that the substance turned out to be cocaine alkaloids. The Navy diver also conducted an underwater inspection of the ship.
    At that time, the ship departed from the port of Buenaventura to Colombia and headed for Puerto Angamos in Chile. However, it is reported that after the ship was detained, it has been ten days. The ship has remained at the port of Callao in Peru until now. The ship has been seriously delayed. If the ship is loaded, it should be contacted with the shipping company in time to avoid the ship. Unnecessary costs and delays.

                 ▲The ship schedule

                  ▲The current location of the ship
    According to VesselsValue, the Post Panamax was built in 2014 by the German shipping company Hamburg Süd.
    A spokesperson for the shipping company said, "We can confirm that on December 15, 2018, 27 kilograms of cocaine were found on the island of San Clemente in the port of Callao. HamburgSüd does not accept illegal goods. We have staff. Screen and process the guidelines for cargo bookings to alert to any unusual or suspicious circumstances."
    The head of the container ship stated that it had fully cooperated with local authorities throughout the investigation.
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