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A great news on the logistics goods, another new product of Hongmingda logistics

  • Author:Lian
  • Source:Sunny Worldwide Logistics
  • Release Date:2023-11-28
Sunny Worldwide Logistics Co., Ltd.The launch of the Malaysian tax-included door line: 15-20 days after the cabinet is delivered to the door, it can be connected to sensitive goods and received the goods simultaneously.

1. 1: 500kg get a big plan, a single piece of over 68kg or a length and high 120cm*80cm*80cm.

2. Our company refuses to accept this kind of cargo: toy guns/cigarettes/alcohol/disc/imitation card/liquid/powder/food/fresh/medicine/medicine/Corrosion/CD/arms weapon and other restricted items, Conceal the report with illegal and illegal goods, we fined RMB5000/BL, lost other joint losses, and transferred to the police to handle

3. Do not go upstairs by default. A large number of goods need to be collected by the consignee to arrange unloading themselves. The driver needs to bring the forklift to unload the goods. Please ask foreign customers to negotiate and pay the corresponding costs in advance with the driver.As a result, the delivery is unsuccessful, and the dealer's payment is changed by default.

4. Please buy insurance on your own value.

Double -clear operation process:
1. Verse
The client submitted the attorney to our company.The attorney includes the following contents: the information of the consignor and the receiver, the name of the port and the destination port name, the box type, the name of the product, the weight of the gross weight, the date of shipment, etc.

2. Review document
The document should include: customs declaration attorney, customs declaration, invoice, packing form, contract, application element

3. Pick up the goods
The commissioner's self -delivery: Our company will send the notice of entering the position to the client, indicating that the contacts, telephone, delivery address, map, and last time time to enter so that the goods can be accurate in time.On -site pick -up: The client needs to provide our company with relevant information such as the contact address contact address contact, telephone, and pick -up time to ensure that the fleet can increase on time.

4. Expense settlement
The client and our company settled the relevant transportation costs before installing the cabinet