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A disaster-grade typhoon or a frontal attack on Guangdong! The maximum wind level is 17!

  • Author:Jim
  • Source:Shenzhen Excellent Life
  • Release Date:2018-09-11
  A few days ago, the 21st typhoon "Feiyan", which is called the Wind King, landed in Japan and swept across Japan. It was called "the strongest typhoon in 25 years" by the Japanese media, sweeping Japan at a rare high moving speed, level 17 A typhoon is like a doomsday.
    Although "Feiyan" did not patronize our big Shenzhen, but just got the latest news, this year's No. 22 typhoon "Hawthorn" has been formed, and the relay "Feiyan" has become the protagonist of the weather stage.

    At present, the strength of "Mangosteen" is gradually strengthening. The maximum strength can reach the level of super typhoon level 17 or above, and may even exceed the king of typhoon "Feiyan" to become the king of the century.
According to the latest European numerical forecast, it will attack the whole province of Guangdong with a high probability, with a focus on the tides, the Pearl River Delta, the time is probably around 16-18.

  Warm reminder that everyone should avoid going out in typhoon weather, close the doors and windows, and reserve good food just in case.