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6 containers fell into the water! A container ship encounters bad weather

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  • Release Date:2020-01-08

Recently, a container ship suffered a severe storm in the Aegean Sea, causing the ship to fall into the water near 6 containers near Bozkaada, Turkey!

▼ Foreign media reports

In the early morning of January 6, a container ship with a capacity of 625TEU named "MEDKON ISTANBUL" entered from Turkey's Rodaport through ALIAGA (Turkey) and passed the Dardanelles Strait. A severe storm in the Aegean Sea caused the ship to fall into the water near six containers near Bozkaada, Turkey!

Resuming navigation after reporting the accident to the maritime authorities after the accident may affect the navigation channel to a certain extent.

The vessel has called at the port in the last 30 days

The container capacity of "MEDKON ISTANBUL" is 625TEU. At present, it is unknown whether the ship involved in the shipping of several shipping companies. It is a ship serving Alexandria in Egypt and Yarimca and Borussen in Turkey. (Borusan), Ambarli, Nemrut Bay, Mediterranean feeder ships.

According to the ship information network AIS ship positioning display, "MEDKON ISTANBUL" continued to sail to the next port after the incident. Freight forwarders with transshipment cargo on this ship, please pay attention to the shipping company's notice to know the damage of the cargo in time.

(The content is compiled from the shipping network, shipping information)

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