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3.5 billion US dollars set 20 ships, Dafei will jump into the world's second largest liner compa

  • Release Date:2024-06-21
According to the latest data of Alphaliner, the global container fleet reached 30 million TEU (standard box unit) for the first time. The realization of this milestone benefited from the delivery of a large number of new ships in Asian shipyards, setting a new record.This growth reflects the rapid development of the shipping industry and has a significant impact on global trade, logistics and environment.

The ship brokerage company Braemar pointed out in the latest container market summary that a large number of new ship contract negotiations are ongoing, reflecting strong demand and future growth prospects.It is reported that the delivery contract of the major shipbuilding enterprises in China has continued until 2029.

According to BIMCO, it is expected to be delivered to 478 container ships this year, with a total capacity of 3.1 million TEUs, an increase of 41%over 2023 records.The capacity of the container fleet in 2024 will increase by 10%, further consolidating the expansion of the industry.

It is worth noting that Dafei intends to spend $ 3.5 billion to set up 20 container ships from HD Hyundai Group, which will further expand the large fleet of flying ships.

Insiders in the industry revealed that the batch of ships scheduled by the Dafei Runae include 12 16,000 TEUs and 8 8,000teu container ships, all of which use LNG dual fuel engines.It is estimated that the Dafei ship will pay about $ 200 million/ship for large container ships to pay about $ 140 million/ship for the 8000TEU container ship.The new order new capacity reaches 256000teu!

It is expected that these ships will be delivered between 2027 and 2028. In addition to the order capacity of the order, Dafei Group's existing control of total control+handheld orders will surpass the Masisky Group and become the world's second largest liner company (5034564teu).