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OOCL added direct Mediterranean to West Africa service on October 27

  • Author:James
  • Source:Hong Kong Shipping
  • Release Date:2018-10-26
To expand the West African service network and meet the growing demand for services in the region,OOCLThe Mediterranean West Africa (MAF) route will be added from October. The new route will be directly connected to important ports such as Dakar (Senegal), Tingkan Island (Nigeria), Tema (Ghana) and Abidjan (Côte d'Ivoire) to provide customers with competitive and reliable Western Mediterranean to West Africa. Shipping service.

(MAF) route arrival order: Genoa → Valencia → Algersalas → Dakar → Tinkan Island → Tema → Abidjan → Genoa

Route departure date: CALAIS TRADER 033S departs in Genoa on October 27th
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