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Hong Kong logistics and export goods declaration deadline

Consignor or his agent in addition to the export of goods outside the customs concession shall be declared to Customs 24 hours before loading. In order to make such a provision is before loading time sufficient to customs inspection of goods, in order to ensure the normal customs work.
If you do not declare to customs before the deadline of this provision, the Department may refuse to accept the customs declaration, so that exports of goods will not get the customs inspection, taxation and release, not loading the transport, thus affecting the transport documents to obtain, even cause delay in shipment, breach of contract. Therefore, it should be early to the customs declaration formalities, be punctual shipment.
Consignee of imported goods from the carrier or its agent shall declare the goods transport from the date of entry to the Customs clearance of imported goods declaration procedures within 14 days. Such a provision is made in order to accelerate the port and distribution, prompting imports into use as soon as possible, reduce errors and prevent fraud.
If you do not go through the customs formalities in the statutory declaration within 14 days, the customs will be levied for delayed payment. From the date of the closing date for the delayed payment of the entry of vehicles declared 15 days; transit goods as the goods arrive at the place of destination from the date of the first 15 days; postal imports of receipt of the notification of the post office The first 15 days. The closing date for the date of the customs declaration. Delayed payment of daily collection rate of the CIF value of imported goods by 0.5%, the threshold is 10 yuan. Delayed payment calculation formula is: = delayed payment of the total CIF value of the goods for delayed X number of days X 0.5 ‰
Consignee of imported goods from the date of declaration of the arrival of the means of transport not more than three months to the customs declaration, the import of goods from and sold off by the Customs. Proceeds from the sale after deducting transportation, handling, storage and other fees and taxes, the remaining sum, since the sale of the goods by the consignee within one year from the application, shall be returned; if no one applies, the state treasury. Indeed, except overflow error unloading or unloading of imported goods.