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Import inspection procedures

First, the post-mortem report.
Of the following situations:
(1) In port, the inclusion of national import and export commodity inspection department List of imported goods inspection, Sinotrans company or received by the port, shipping documents held by the goods sector and the "import goods declaration" to apply for port inspection agency inspection, commodity inspection authorities shall be audited by the port, the registration number and the "import goods declaration" stamped "accepted inspection" seal, with the applicant to apply to the customs import declaration, the customs with the national inspection agency "has accepted reported experience "seal border inspection clearance, granted discharge.
(2) the goods to the destination, the inclusion of "the List" of imported goods for inspection. To be completed by Baoyandanwei "import commodity inspection application form" and then apply to the local authorities for inspection. The following documents should be enclosed inspection report or document:
(A) foreign trade turnover of the contract (copy);
(B) foreign commercial invoice;
(C) Packing List;
(D) bill of lading;
(E) Notice of imported goods.
If you apply for inspection quality, specifications, must provide foreign quality certificate, instruction manual and the relevant standards and technical information; kind of deal with the need to provide turnover sample; For application damaging appraisal shall provide "damaged goods report card" or rail For a number of applications, the weight of identification, the weight must submit itemized statement provided by the consignor, tally list; business records and other relevant documents. The above documents are inspection, appraisal and judgment based on the responsible party.
(3) are not included in the "List of" imported goods, by the close, with the cargo sector organizations on their own inspection and test results to the local inspection agencies. Plus find problems of quality, quantity, etc., should maintain the status quo, and to apply to the local authorities for inspection.
Second, testing, and certification.
After post-mortem inspection agencies to accept these applications, inspection, and certification. And testing is completed within a foreign trade contract claims deadline. After passing inspection, the issue of "test case notice"; unqualified, the issue of "inspection certificate" by the close, sending the company by ordering goods department for foreign claims. Imported equipment, for example, as follows:
(1) Acceptance preparation: urge to close, with the acceptance of the cargo unit prepared to do, including the establishment of a command, transportation, inspection, installation of temporary inspection team debugging, files, and other work to defend the content, collection, translation of imported equipment of various materials; familiar with the data, develop acceptance solutions; training inspection personnel; implement cargo stacking space; foreign manufacturers have technicians common acceptance, installation and commissioning, but also to make yourself available.
(2) Unpacking test. Before unpacking, first check the packaging sign the contract, bills of lading are consistent with, and then check the packaging is intact, without damage, water damage, oil and so on. If problems are detected, the detailed records, photographs and retention after the physical damage, immediately apply for identification to the local inspection agencies, insurance companies ask staff to the scene if necessary. If no problems are detected, you can check the box for further loading equipment, spare parts, and the packaging is intact; according to the number of the packing list to check to see whether the appearance of rust damage. If problems are detected, according to the above Measures.
Description〗 〖
1 imported goods provides for a claim period, the test must be carried out within the claim period stipulated in the contract. Received with the goods sector to the inspection agency for inspection, commodity inspection authorities should consider testing, and certification time. If quality problems found in inspection and estimate the validity of the claim can not be completed within the inspection, verification of income, should promptly contact the company by ordering goods sector, external handle to extend the claim period or retain the right to claim. But does not provide more than a claim to extend the deadline for filing claims or retain the right to claim is based, commodity inspection authorities may refuse to accept testing.
2 General imported equipment in the contract include requirements for quality assurance provisions. The quality guarantee period, found that non-operating, maintenance, repair and quality problems caused by improper, may apply to the same organization reinspection.
3 When imported goods at the port of discharge, found the number of deficient or damaged goods, the port company Sinotrans or income, with cargo port authorities should apply the commodity inspection authorities for inspection and to give identification, visa. In the port of inspection, identification difficult, easily handled by the port inspection agency inspection procedures, by the close, with the goods to the local authorities for inspection agencies for inspection, verification, visa. Ex situ inspection procedures did not apply, the local inspection agencies generally inadmissible test.
4 imported goods specified in the contract by the parties to the sale of common tests, or indeed selling party liability problems found after the arrival, the need to deal in conjunction with the test side sent, must be tested to examine the provisions of the contract.
5 users import a motor vehicle, driving license before handling, first acceptance, inspection agencies to handle local boarding and inspection procedures for the import of motor vehicles. After boarding and inspection, issue a "notice of imported motor vehicle inspection," by virtue of the traffic supervision department for vehicle license.
6 important import commodities and large complete sets of equipment, according to foreign trade contract consignee in the exporting country before pre-shipment inspection, supervision or monitoring equipment, inspection agencies may send inspectors to participate