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Freight transshipping contrast in both Chinese and English

货物: goods /freight / cargo

运输: transportation / transit / conveyance

运送: to transport / to carry / to convey

运输业: transportation business / forwarding business / carrying trade

运输代理人: a forwarding agent

承运人: a freight agent / a carrier

船务代理人: a shipping agent

陆上运输: transportation by land

海上运输: transportation by sea

货物运输: goods traffic / freight traffic / carriage of freights / carriage of goods

货轮: cargo boat / freighter / cargo steamer / cargo carrier

火车: goods-train / freight-train

卡车: goods-van / goods wagon / freight car / truck

货运办公室: goods-office / freight-department

运费率: freight / freight rates / goods rate

运费: carriage charges / shipping expenses / express charges

车费: cartage | | portage

运费预付: carriage prepaid | | carriage paid

运费到付: carriage forward | | freight collect

运费免除/免费: carriage free

协定运费: conference freight | | freight rate

运费清单: freight account

托运单:way-bill | | invoice

运送契约: contract for carriage

装运: shipment | | loading

装上货轮: to ship | | to load | | to take on a ship

装运费: shipping charges | | shipping commission

装运单/载货单 shipping invoice

装运单据:shipping documents

大副收据: mates receipt

装船单: shipping order

提货单: delivery order

装船通知: shipping advice

包裹收据: parcel receipt

准装货单 shipping permit

租船契约 charter party

租船人 charterer

程租船||航次租赁 voyage charter

期租船 time charter

允许装卸时间 lay days | | laying days

工作日 working days

连续天数 running days | | consecutive days

滞期费 demurrage

滞期日数 demurrage days

速遣费 despatch money

空舱费 dead freight

退关 short shipment | | goods short shipped | | goods shut out | | shut-outs

赔偿保证书(信托收据) letter of indemnity | | trust receipt

装载 loading

卸货 unloading | | discharging | | landing

装运重量 shipping weight | | in-take-weight

卸货重量 landing weight

压舱 ballasting

压舱货 in ballast

舱单 manifest

船泊登记证书 ships certificate of registry

航海日记 ships log

船员名册 muster-roll

(船员,乘客)健康证明 bill of health

光票 clean bill

不清洁提单 foul bill

有疑问提单 suspected bill