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Domestic air waybill at the Joint Use

Shipper one and eight joint . Where the original triple, five of copies . The original triple has the same legal effect .
First Union , a Union: the original three , blue, as the shipper Union . As a shipper of goods to pay the freight, and cargo transported by the carrier certificate .

The second joint , B Union: the original one , green for financial joint . As evidence collected cargo shipping the Finance department .

The third joint , propylene Union: copy 7 , white , for the first carrier -linked . By the first carrier leaving its financial sector as a settlement document .

Fourth Alliance, Ding Union: the original two , pink , linked to the consignee . Consignee at the destination station .

The fifth , amyl Union: copy 4 , Yellow, for the delivery of goods linked . When the consignee of the goods in this joint signature retained by the carrier , as the goods have been delivered certificates consignee.

The sixth , has been linked : copy 5, white , Union Station for the purpose . Retained by the destination airport , the carrier can also be used as a third joint , left by the third carrier to pay its financial sector as a settlement document .

Seventh Union , G Union: copies 6 , white , for the second carrier together . By the second carrier leaving its financial sector as a settlement document .

Eighth United , Sim Union: copy 8 , White, an agent for United ( stub ) . Set by the shipper who fill retained for future reference .

Triple the original shipper has the same legal effect. A Stock Exchange Carrier ; an associated consignee ; an Exchange shippers were signed or sealed by the shipper , signed or stamped by the carrier to accept the goods.

Shipper shall fill carrier United kept for two years from the day after the opening .