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Cargo size requirements

        Calculated according to gross weight of the goods, unit of measure for the kilogram. Weighing less than one kilogram of rounding. Each air waybill cargo weighing less than one kilogram, press 1 kilogram. Valuables according to the actual gross weight, calculated in units of 0.1 kg.
Non-wide-body aircraft carrying cargo, cargo weight per piece is generally not more than 80 kg, the volume is generally not more than 40 × 60 × 100 centimeters. Wide-body aircraft to transport the goods, each piece of cargo weight is generally not more than 250 kg, the volume generally does not exceed 100 × 100 × 140 centimeters. Over and above the weight and volume of the goods, the carrier can be based on models and departure and destination airports handling equipment conditions, determine the maximum received cargo weight and volume.

Each piece of cargo length, width and height of not less than 40 cm.

Per kilogram of cargo volume over 6000 cm3 for light cargo. Light cargo per 6000 cubic centimeters equivalent to 1 kg weight.